Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not Like...

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Here's another one of my dislikes/hates/despise lists. Ranting and raving...who cares?

1. Chick Flicks Talk about emotional! How can some guys watch this stuff too! The only way your average guy is going to watch that is if he really likes you and just doing it because you guys are going out. I know he'd rather watch that "college" movie or the "blood and guts" in theater 4.

Most of these types of movies are about girls who complain about love and how they are in love with a guy who's in love with somebody else but calls her and they get to know each other more...blah blah...and then he likes her and then she complains more about his dating habits and how much of a guy he is and...blah blah...complain...

Or those ones where all these girls are sitting at a kitchen table over coffee and a box of tissues talking about sisterhood or hair or the kids or their men...blah...blah...

How about listening to me complain as I am doing now...Ha!

Being a 'gal' I can understand since naturally we're more emotional than men. But I don't expect a guy to fully understand just as much as us 'gals' trying understand why they don't understand because they're not us...just as we're not them. (Although we can both certainlytry.)

2. Mecha
Can you believe this group exists? If I were to bring my asian friend to join, do you think they'd let him in? What if there was a white group just like it? It wouldn't "fly", would it? Look deeper into their 'mission statement' or whatever you want to call it. Do you know what it is? If it isn't treason, then I don't know what is!

3. The Heat
Ever since I can remember, I wish it were colder. I do not like the heat. My mom said that I never cried as a baby. (I was a great baby!)But once I became uncomfortable in the heat, I couldn't stand it. My cheeks would get red (still do) and my port wine forehead birthmark would come out. I'd rather bring a sweater to work than have to sweat at my desk. (Unless the boss is over my shoulder.)

When I went to England over 10 years ago, I thought I could stand the cold and I did! But send me to Las Vegas and I just about die! Maybe it is a constant reminder of what we commonly think "hell" is sure feels like it!

But then again, I probably wouldn't like shoveling the snow either.

4. Spoon Fed Students
I hate going to a class where students just sit there and have that glazed look in their eyes that say, "Okay, I'm here, now start teaching me something." What about asking questions or doing more research on the subject. Okay, fine...math class sucks...but where did the word "algebra" come from? The teacher is human and he makes mistakes or has an agenda when he teaches. What about trying to fully understand the agenda or where he may be mistaken?

Reminds me of that icon I saw on myspace once. It read, "I hate Bush because Green Day told me to". Um okay. So, your world civilization teacher tells you to, "Hate the white man" because he says so? Why? What drew him to that conclusion? Don't take his word for it! I had a teacher like that and he ignored me for the rest of the semester because I simply asked him questions. (And I wasn't rude or sarcastic about it either...I don't operate that way.)

5. "Bored" People
How could you get "bored"? Do you sit there and think, "Okay, I'm here, now start entertaining me! I'm bored!" I can honestly say that I never get bored.

Pick up a book. Play some music. Play a game. Learn a new skill. Close your eyes and listen to the way the central air sounds like a something you heard on your favorite video game. Analyze the way the light falls onto your coffee table and check out how it splashes color onto the textured wall beside it. Why? Why not? Get your mind going. Use your brain. I think people who constantly say that they're 'bored' are pretty much lazy to simply "think".

No offense to those who always say, "I'm bored"...but, we don't want to hear it. Do something about it because it is not our job to entertain you. Plus, it also makes you kinda sound uneducated or something.

Kinda like when I hear students around me say, "Oh, the teacher/class is boring." Um, is the teacher there to entertain you?

How absurd!

I saved up my money for some t-shirts to wear. (Cheap, on sale.) I found a black one that reads, "THINK: It's not illegal yet." Being shy, I was wondering why I was getting weird looks at school...duh, I forgot. Oh well, I hope I gave them something to think about.

-There's more...but that's what a blog is for.


Keith (Qoheleth) said...

Amanda: okay, this is fun. I'll admit, there's a guilty pleasure to lists like this - and if there wasn't people like Dave Barry and James Lileks would be out of work. Let me do some agreeing and disagreeing with you.

(1) Chick flicks. Okay, truth be told, "Animal House" was the last college movie I enjoyed. But there are some great chick flicks. I thought "Lake House" was a great one. Now, let's be honest - we all know "Thelma and Louise" had guns, swearing, trucks and a car chase just so guys would have something to watch when they took their ladies to it.

(2) Mecha. You're right, except there are white groups just like Mecha. For instance, there is Aryan Nation, a white separatist group. Oh, wait - thinking white people routinely denounce Aryan Nation. Well, okay, how about the Klan? Oh, wait - thinking white people routinely denounce the Klan, too. And I guess the Augusta Country Club doesn't exactly compare.

So all it would take would be for the majority of thinking Americans of Mexican descent to denounce Mecha the way most of us denounce the Klan and Aryan Nation, and then everything will be good!

(3) The heat. Withb you on this - I'm a cold-weather person, and especially a rainy-day person (thank you, Gordon Lightfoot!). You bring up a funny thought to my mind, though, too. You know how everyone you know goes around saying it's hotter than hell, it's colder than hell, it's tougher than hell, it's lonelier than hell, it's... well, we could go on forever, so just fill in the blank. With everyone running around talking about what a rotten place Hell is, you'd think more of them would be DOING SOMETHING TO KEEP FROM GOING THERE, now, wouldn't you?

(4 & 5) Spoon-fed students and bored people. I'm putting these together, because we've created a whole couple of generations of people who expect to be spoon-fed and expect to be kept entertained. Sesame Street didn't just make it fun for kids to learn - it also taught them to expect it to always be fun, and if it wasn't, they had no obligation to learn. We're a nation full of people who can't take a stroll without an iPod (and I had to catch myself and not write "Walkman"), can't drive a car without a cellular jacked into their ear, can't sit in an office and work without a radio or a CD player, and can't go out for dinner without a Nintendo. We are addicted to constant entertainment. And to think, it wasn't that long ago that most of society could enjoy an entertainer's performance, but you certainly wouldn't want to let your sister marry one, for goodness' sake. Now we treat Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera like they were flippin' role models.

And for T-shirts to make people think, try, and tell FrankJ that Keith sent you.


- Keith

trazomfreak said...

Finally had a chance to "Blogger"...

-Chick flicks. They try hard to get the guys involved. As an 'emotional' female, if it tuggs at the's too sappy. (BTW, I've never seen Thelma & Louise. But, I'd say it is worth a 'try')

-On the college campus, groups try hard to get you "in". Mecha is one of them. I agree that they are a 'seperatists' group. It bothers me that people actually don't know that. "Hey, I'll just join cuz it's all about the chicano!"

No, it isn't. I say (take the time) to look deeper...then denounce!

-What the hell. Yeah, but some people out there don't know about it...or deny it...or believe it doesn't exist. Yikes!

-Exactly my point on entertainment & being spoon fed. Which gets me thinking...My car ride to work is so much nicer having a quiet chat with God than having the 'traffic' updates every 10 minutes. And I'm never 'bored' where I'd just sit there waiting...continuing to BE bored. How funny. Makes me think of those stories of kids who were so bored that they eventually found something to do...which actually got them into trouble lots of times. (But how long did that take?)

Ha Ha! I've cruised through that site...whoa!
I laughed at: "Everytime someone votes for a Democrat, baby Jesus cries." And their quote at the bottom of it: "And it's not nice to make baby Jesus cry..."


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