Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mr. Williams @ the Bowl

Alex surprised me with some tickets to the Hollywood bowl last Saturday. Even though they weren't the best seats, it didn't matter because this was more a treat for the ears. We've always wanted to see the composer John Williams conduct his own movie music. Well, we had a chance to do so.

Some of his famous music we heard: Jurassic Park, Hook, Harry Potter, Superman, Indiana Jones, Jaws, E.T., Star Wars, Return of the Jedi...

When the Imperial March from the Star Wars movie was being played, some members in the audience lit up their light sabers and they were swaying to the music. At one point you can see John Williams peering toward us and he's chuckling as he's conducting.

As a geek, I understand.

Here's a 30 second snippet I took of one of his more famous tunes.


just danielle... said...

that is sooo cool amanda. i can only imagine how happy you were. =]

trazomfreak said...

It was great. I guess it is equivalent to going to watch your favorite band in concert.

I've always dreamt of going back in time to watch Mozart conduct his own music.

But last Saturday was pretty close to that. :P

The Yepiz Zone said...

Can someone tell the peopl behind us to shut the hell up!

I'm glad you like the concert. Even if they were cheap seats. But we got to see a legend before he is no longer with us. My favorite part...

The national anthem and hearing patriotic Americans sing out loud. It was beautiful.

Cause you know there were no democrats there.


The Yepiz Zone said...

BTW, I like this picture of you and I. We make a cute couple. i know I'm biased but I love you.

Mi esposita bonita.

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