Friday, June 30, 2006

I'll Call It...

I should be in the kitchen! Really, I should! I bet I could learn to cook nice meals for Alex. Or stay home making meat loaf while the hubby works hard.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind it. But there are things that I don't like...even despise.

Dang it! I really don't like:

1. The color green.
I was in the Montebello Band, and we had the rival Schurr high school band who's colors were a terrible green & gold. How could you be proud of those colors? We had U.S. Marine colored uniforms. It was a band thing and they ruined it for me. I'll call it "Good for money & vegetation only".

2. Easily influenced people.
It's like you are too lazy to think. It's like you readily accept things that you may not even stand for. And even too proud to admit you are against! And then you complain but don't have the right facts to support what you have to say. I'll call them "Come on do the research people!" people.

3. Fake people.
Be yourself. Don't tell me what I want to hear. Don't try to get me to like you by being different than you really are. Don't pretend to like what I like. People are going to find out anyway, and when they do, they may not trust you anymore. Or even feel betrayed. I'll call them "people who candy coat" people.

4. Feminists
Come on, no man is going to wait on you hand and foot because that's what you really want. If he does, he will miserable with you or probably gay. If you want a guy like that, look to your imagination. Otherwise, you are going to be unhappy for the rest of your single life. And yes, yes, you can do the same things man can do...but I bet they do it better! For you, it's not even awareness anymore, now its about power. I'll call them "FemiNazis".

5. Girls who get cold easily.
It's cold because they turned down the thermostat at work. You complain because it's cold. They turn the thermostat just for you. Meanwhile, there are those who are actually moving and working who are definately "working" up a sweat. Please bring a sweater next time or I'll complain that you aren't sweating enough. I'll call them "There are others in the office, you know" people.

Of course there are more, but that's what a blog is for.
Meanwhile, I'll head back to the kitchen, where I belong.


The Yepiz Zone said...

I'm in love...Dang, I'm lucky.

pableezy said...

"There are others in the office, you know" people

do you work for the City of Pasadena too?

trazomfreak said...

I used to! I hated it. Yes "HATE!"

Too many people, too many drivers, too many buildings, to many things going too fast.

But fortunately at the time, Robbie had me working in the office...untill it came time to go to the Kinko's was HELL!

Another reason why I want to move from this state. (With or without Alex....Ha!)

krisiswright said...

I think I've been all those at one time or another, but hopefully working toward being none of them. Although I am sorry to say that I get cold easy. I do bring a sweater though (most of time), otherwise I don't complain. Nice post. Looks like I'll be in the kitchen for awhile now.

trazomfreak said...

I think I'll stay that way to an extent. I simply don't like those things. And that makes me me.

Glad you bring da sweater! I think it's in the blood or something. I personally have poor circulation, I think, and I always have cold feet. (Ha ha, "cold feet!")

Oh, well...yes, back to the kitchen.

just danielle... said...

love your post. my favorites :"feminazis"&&"there are other people in the office you know"sooo true!

trazomfreak said...

Thanks, but I didn't come up with that clever moniker...I believe it was the author Michael Savage.

The office thing is just me being real about what happens. Maybe I'm making things a little complicated, but I think it simply comes down to either selfishness or laziness. (Or forgetfulness...but if the office is too cold, I'm sure you'd remember to bring the warm stuff.)

Also, most of the gals kinda whine about it. I can only take that for a certain extent. And I don't think anybody else wants to hear it either.

Just bring the sweater.
And THANK YOU (Ah!) for those who do! :)

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