Monday, July 03, 2006

Geeky Thinking

I'm a 'gadget' gal. I'm the one playing with the cameras & playing the video games at those electronic stores. And sometimes you'll find me in my room slaying orcs or shooting mummies on the Playstation to unwind after work. When I took scientific electronics in high school, the teacher had us building our own circuit boards and fixing our broken VCR's. I thought that was so much fun.

And I'm totally facinated by blinking lights, LED's, flashlights, strobes and anything that glows-in-the-dark. (Ect.)

So to add to my facination, I've discovered the site "Think Geek". It's a place where they have all the odds and ends that a 'geek' may need to conquer their world. They have everything from 'Levitating Desktop Globes' to 'Wi-Fi Digital Hotspotters ' to a t-shirt that sports the 'Caffine Molecule'. I don't even have to physically "play" with most of these gadgets. Just plain looking at the sight is interesting to me.

And on the "Geek Culture" site, you can send your loved ones a 'Geek e-Card'.

I forgot how I found these sites, don't ask me.

I remember the "Geek" I dated in high school. He wore a pocket protector!


The Yepiz Zone said...

I had to get one. My shirts and pants were all getting "inked" out.

But I'm one lucky geek. I married a hot mama who loves geeky manly love.

pableezy said...

think geek is a dope site. i bought my "geek" t-shirt from them.

i still want to pick up some more geek wear in the future.

good find.

trazomfreak said...

I've always liked just 'viewing' the site. Until now, I have always forgotten to 'share' it. But I'm sure that all the true geeks have already found it. :)

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