Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stare at the Sun

Ok, DON'T! You'll seriously damage your eyes. Check out the live Sun Cam instead.

Our Sun. The nearest star in our visible sky. It's like 93 million miles away from us and its considered a medium sized star. You mean, it's not the biggest? Yeah.

But dang is it hot! And some of the cooler (Ha! Cooler!) places on the sun are earth sized and called Sunspots. If you wanna check out some live pictures of our sun through various solar instruments, check this out.

Anyway, I think its interesting how God made this so neat. How he used hydrogen to burn into helium to make the heat. How close it is to us. How perfectly we are positioned from it. If we were nudged just a little bit closer, we'd be frying now. And just a littl bit farther, we'd be frozen in time. Whew! At least the nearest star is about 4.5 years away....if you were travelling the speed of light...which is 186,282 miles per second. Which, thank God, we aren't able to do.

(Geez! Could you imagine what having that kinda power would do? I'm glad it's too far for us to reach!)

I just like to stop dig in a bit further on something we kinda take for granted, I think. We figure that the sun will always be there. But eventually, as God has it planned for any star, it will die. But don't sweat, that will take about 4.5 billion years to do so.

Does anybody else out there understand the 'geek' language? Too bad. I think this is so facinating. How can anybody not see what's out there and think, "Dang! God is a beautiful creator!"

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espionage96 said...

I think I'm blind! Its pretty crazy when you get into things out of this world. It sometimes makes me feel uneasy when I think about it. We are like atoms compared to the universe. How big is our God? And he is everywhere.

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