Monday, January 01, 2007

In the Light

I had a great year last year and a beautiful Christmas. I am looking forward to the "light" of a new year. School will be a bit more hectic this year and I hope to pick up where I left off on my music education. I am also looking forward to learning more about the Word and to dig deeper to what God has in store for me. Come to think of it...

As you know, I'm not much into words. That is, words to a song or poem aren't my love language. In fact, it is last on my "language" list. I'm not very eloquent with my words and I often have to think before I say something because my mind seems to move faster than my mouth. I then end up saying something fragmented if I don't 'slow down'. As a result, I've had to get used to the many blank looks of confusion from the people I am conversing with. Anyway, again most of the time, I find that I enjoy music without words far more that I do with them in it. (I guess that's why I love classical music so much.) I don't find myself contemplating the words of a song either. Maybe, I just don't relate to it. (Gee, maybe I'm that weird.)

BUT, I find that the words to my favorite (words) song of all the universe...relate to me very much. Weird.

Here's a video to my favorite song. I can't seem to find a better quality version, so please forgive the cheezy DC Talk photos. Oh, well, it's more about what it SAYS, right? It's based on 1 John 1:7.

Here's a live version.

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