Monday, May 01, 2006

Wow! That Was GREAT!

I gotta say....there were actually a few good things that came out of all this illegal immigration crazieness!

Here in So. Calif. I drive to work on one of the busiest freeways out there! Especially in Alhambra!

May 1st 2006 @ 9am: driving 70mph going West on the 10 freeway...this is unheard of! I got to work in 20 minutes! (Just so you know, it usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour from where I live)

Same day in the afternoon during RUSH hour @ 5pm: driving home at 70mph going East on the 10 freeway...we are ALL going 70 mph! I got home in 25 minutes!

So, thanks for staying home. I got to work early, I got home early! I didn't have to WAIT in line when I went to the store to BUY things! it AGAIN tomorrow!

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