Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Melting Years

Here I am circa 1982 because I just noticed TODAY that my grandma is sitting in the passengers seat in my aunt's nice RX-7. I believe she passed soon after...then, I lost my (young) aunt in late April 1996. So this picture is a little more sentimental than others.

I turned 29 today. (While Alex is still a youthful 27)

I was hoping to turn back the 'clock' for a few minutes today so I went to this site. How old would I be on another planet?

By the looks of it, I would be 15 years old on Mars and 17 on Neptune. Gee, I definately don't want to go that far back!

On Venus I'm 47, and on Jupiter I'm still a terrible two.

But on Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, I'm 128 years old while on far away Pluto I'm technically still in the womb.

I think I'll stick to my "earth age"...like I have a choice. While I definately don't want to be younger, I also don't want the years to "melt off" either.

If we could only visit a planet for just a short while...or go back in time for just a bit....

That'd only be fun for a while.


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Man you were beutiful even when you were a little girl. Man I'm lucky...happy birthday love.

trazomfreak said...

Thanks guys. :)

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