Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nothing but Skin!

My friend Jessica E. had sent this to me a while ago and said that she thought I'd may get a 'kick' out of something like this. I did! But it wouldn't be something I'd actually purchase and wear.

This garment is made out of 'synthetic' human skin. It is made to look like different types of skin. You can even have them custom made. You have your choice of 'second skin' to be a certain skin color, have bumps or contain a tattoo.

This company actually specializes in skin bags where you could have a special and unique bag to meet your needs. For 90 euros, you can get your special skin bag that can be worn with your matching skin vest! Men, you'll love the "digital device" bags, one with the company logo for your laptop and another for your digi-camera.

You've even got testimony from satisfied customers who love wearing their testicle pouch. One 'testicle' customer says, "[it's] presence reassures me, its odor makes it friendlier and more alive".

Umm, ok.

(To be fair ladies, this bag called "mary" looks, um, a little painful.)

Just how alive? The company claims that this is "alive and you are responsible for it". You can't prolong the exposure to sunlight and place near sources of heat. Am I gonna need sunblock for this thing? It gets dirty too. Don't forget, once you've washed with mild soap and water, you are able to use talcom powder once fully dry.

Gee, I'm curious, what does it eat?

Hmmm, I wonder if they'd make me a cool bible cover with my name tattooed onto the skin.


pableezy said...

there is something seriously wrong with this. i can't argue that point, i can't show proof, but it makes me cringe. a testicle bag? do you carry coins in that for the parking meters? nasty...

urBenLA said...

I have seen everything now. Make sure your Bible cover doesn't have hair on it.

trazomfreak said...

Pablo: Honestly, what comes to my mind is that this gal probably has 'men' issues.

Ben: Ewww!

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