Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Laugh All You Want

Inspired by The Yepiz Zone's "Please-Don't-Laugh-at-my-Music" blog, I've posted a list of my own. But I'd like to add 'please don't die of boredom' or 'please give it a try'. I've narrowed it down to 5 because some of the music today is not music. (It's some sort of organized annoying noise.) Some of the music I like rarely has words to it. (But then again, some of it is like over 200 years old) Unlike my husband, I'm more of a classical freak, but I like some rock here and there. And even though I 'like' Weird Al Yankovic, this "Top 5" list wasn't hard for me to compose. Here they are...I don't think you would have to question my 'womanhood' on these...right?

5. Nirvana: Do I even need details? My favorite of course like everyone else...well, you'll need some "Spirit" for this one.

Bing Crosby
4. Bing Crosby: With his soothing voice and his signature pipe, this guy had his own style. You can't have your "White Christmas" without him. Besides, he was an inspiration to 'old blue eyes'. My favorite: "Jingle Bells" with the Andrews Sisters.

Elfman in Oingo Boingo
3. Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman: Ok, I like this mostly 80's band. I don't think anybody sounds like them. (Probably for a reason) Also, I like the lead singer's ability to write and compose the bands music. Which carried him onto composing for some the movies we love. My favorites: Close your Eyes and music Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

2. Tchaikovsky: Talk about passion. To me, this guy is it but with a little dark twist to it. Being depressed most of the his life did add to it because some of his music sounds, well, tragic. He wouldn't be composing if it weren't for Mozart's 'Don Giovanni'. Being that Mozart was also his own favorite composer, I think it also made some of Tchaikovsky's own music sound "cute" at times. My favorites: The Nutcracker and Romeo & Juliet.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1. Mozart: I don't have to go into this one either. This guy is great when your studying or depressed. Your baby listens to it on the headphones in the womb and is played at some funerals. (Or please play it at mine!) My favorites: "Jupiter" Symphony #41, Requiem, Magic Flute and the Clarinet Concerto.

My honorable mentions: U2, Linkin Park, Gershwin, John Williams, J.S. Bach, H. Shore, A. Copland, G.F. Handel, J. Haydn, A. Vivaldi...gee, I could go on and on. (But, sorry, no 'Big Dog'.)


The Yepiz Zone said...

well...you know...that Tchaikovsky is my favorite classical music composer. I loved Nirvana in jr high and high school. But I guess I'm just not that angry anymore.

espionage96 said...

Did you know that Tchaikovsky was gay? I'm serious. I'll tell you a funny story when I see you guys.

trazomfreak said...

Yeah, I'm always teasing Alex about it. There was also a conspiracy that he was sleeping with the Czar's son. Crazy huh?

pableezy said...

LOL!! Big Dog isn't on my list either...

And I have never liked Nirvana. They are the most overrated band in music history. I acknowledge their EFFECT on music and culture, but I can't say that they were particularly talented or that their music was any good.

but I know I'm in the minority with that.

trazomfreak said...

I guess you're right. I actually didn't know they existed (well, a little) until I got out of high school. (I was in high school through most of it...1991-1995)

I never dressed 'grunge' or anything, and I didn't 'cry' or wear a R.I.P. Cobain shirts. (In fact, I thought it was rather stupid)

Well, at least he wasn't gay...right?

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