Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"TRAZOM'S" 250th Birthday

This coming January 27 marks the 250th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birth. And, he happens to be my most favorite composer of classical music.

This guy wrote so much music in his short life of only 35 years old. He's considered a genius and started playing music while still a toddler and composing at 5. Oh, what about the time he went to a church and heard a long sacred choral piece, only to go home and write the music down after just listening to it once! (It's his fault that we have now have it written down for others to sing. This choral piece was forbidded to be written down!) But, what intruiges me about him most is his music, of course.

He was a humorous guy who would write his music in different colored inks and even made a horn player quit his job because Mozart upset him by making him play funny and rude tunes in concerts. He would also sign his name backwards on the bottom of his compositions to see if anybody would catch it. (Gnagflow Suedama Trazom)

His music is also a reflection of the times he was living. (1756 - 1791)Classical music at it's best! And like other composer's works today, his is still heard almost every day.

Mozart wrote a variation on an simple old French song and made it famous but we simply know it as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". And "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" is probably one of the most recognized of his music.

If you're still not very familiar with any of his music, I suggest renting the movie "Amadeus". (Just remember that this movie isn't accurate on the whole 'Salieri' rivalry thing.)

Why should you care? Well, because he, like other composers before and after him, is embedded in our lives more than we know. Just remember, we may have forgotten (thank God) the 'Spice Girls', and I'm sure that '50 Cent' will make a slight dent in music...but with composers like Mozart, music like that lives through the ages.


The Yepiz Zone said...

Someday, when we have money, I a m going to take you to Austria and Vienna and visit Mozart's places (home, concert halls, etc.)


pableezy said...

dang man, i've been wordering what the heck a Trazom was. I thought it was some sci-fi thing or a Vulcan that I never knew. LOL

trazomfreak said...

Ha! Ha! It could be! Well, now you know! Oh, and 'Live Long and Prosper".

trazomfreak said...

Alex, well as long as we can throw a little "Tchaikovsky" in the equation...that would be fair to you too. (Thank GOD that Tchaikovsky went to see that Don Giovanni opera!)

pableezy said...

try to pronounce Tchaikovsky backwards though!

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