Saturday, January 28, 2006

"The Teacher is Crying!"

I remember walking into my 3rd grade classroom and it was semi-dark. I found some students already seated and the television on. To my right the teacher was crying. After the hour went on, she explained a little to us what happened earlier that morning. And she left the television on to show us the unbelievable video.

I'm not sure if many of us completely understood what was happening. All we know was that it wasn't very good. It made my teacher cry! I wish I was old enough, at that time, to hear the president speak on the event.

Twenty years later, I finally had a chance to read the president's speech on that day a long time ago. It makes sense to me now, but it also reflects the 'world' of back then.

I think Space Exploration is important. I also think Earth Exploration is important as well. But I'm so proud of those who risk their lives to bring us the unknown and 'yet to be discovered'. Making it easier for us to see God's beautiful work.


The Yepiz Zone said...

I love Reagan's speech. He just had a way of letting us know that everything would be alright--And then back it up.

pableezy said...

"ah, que purty". that speech was kinda nice though.

trazomfreak said...

I thought you'd get a 'kick' outta that! j/k

Sonia:) said...


I was in 5th grade and remember it too. I actually watched it live because we were watching the we saw the whole thing.

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