Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Simple Java

When my hubby and I ever go to a coffee shop, I purposely order a complicated drink so that he can order something simple after me. I can see the barista "thanking" him with his eyes.

I get my "medium sugar-free vanilla soy latte w/no whip" and he gets his "medium coffee." And he orders it very loudly so that as to say that people should order coffee at a coffee shop rather than a dessert drink with a hint of caffeine. So by ordering my complicated drink, I get to add to his sarcasm. That's fun!

There are some times I take my time and look at the menu and then just order "two medium coffees of the day." Those very few seconds I take actually annoys the person behind me so much that I feel bad afterwards. I rarely do that now. (Unless...)

The coffee at 7-11 is very inexpensive and they have a variety of different types of coffee. They have the Colombian or French Roast, Hazelnut, or my favorite, Fusion. Fusion supposedly has ginseng or something like that in it and has double the caffeine. You can taste it if you don't put any creamer or sugar. I like my coffee blond...lots of creamer. And recently they have the "shots" of espresso that you may add to your cup of coffee. And recently, I've been adding only one.

Oh, and if I want a bit of sugar...I add those very mini-marshmallows to my coffee.

It's not the same as the vanilla latte but if I need he caffeine, I'd go for the regular coffee.

Or...I drink the Sugar-Free Rock Star. Now those work!

How would you like your coffee?


Yepiz said...

I love going to coffee bean with you. I just wish you would order coffee, not a super nova-unilateral, with a pinch of latte, rum filled, coffee. j'k!

I need cofeee right now.

Steve said...

You can tell a lot about people by how and what they order at coffee houses.

trazomfreak said...

Yes indeed!

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