Saturday, March 24, 2007


I love a gentle breeze. But I also like the big gusts we occasionally get here in a very blue part of southern California. (Okay, fine...not everything has to be political!)

It's cool when people walk by and gently graze your arm to let you know that they're thinking of you. Or a hand on a shoulder as somebody is on their way to the kitchen.

When there's a breeze, I can't help but to stop and thank Father God for His "touch". Except He doesn't just stop there, He likes to get his 'fingers' through your hair. I especially love it when it's gusty because that's when I really feel God's "hugs".

I guess that's why dogs love to hang their heads out of our cars as we drive! They get their heads massaged for a long time. The even try the other windows to see which one gives the most air. Same thing with swimming. Being in the pool makes me think of the way God can create the fact that water and pressure and gravity, work the way they do.

I loved going into the trails in the San Gabriel mountains to see nothing but green about me. The grass and trees and rocks and dirt. How can anybody doubt God's hand in all this? I could just sit and read there and stop to look up and try to see where the trees end.

And I can't help to stop for a moment and say "thank-you" to Father God for the hug. Then, I look up and notice that He touches the trees because I see them sway. I can even hear when He moves the leaves and uses them to skim the tops of the blades of grass. All this while I take a deep breath and then close my eyes.

It's not about's all about Him.

Happy Spring!

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