Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Be Aware When...

...you leave a camera to a 3 year old. The following pictures may develop...

Dad, I wan't the "airplane" not the choo-choo.

What does my brother want this time?

Oooh! Bad dog!
Note: These pictures were taken by an actual 3 year old female with a Kodak digital camera. (Not mine, thank God!) I am not saying to leave your camera to a 3 year old. Nor am I saying that you should try. (Unless you really want to...it's your mistake...er, choice.) I'm just glad when I was at her house, that I discovered she had it and I took it and placed it high on the refrigerator.

But I gotta admit that these are not bad! So if you think you can't take decent pictures...

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