Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I totally forgot about this because I didn't understand it at first.

I don't know Swedish but the last photo on the link below has my photograph in it.

See the last photograph.

According to the gentleman who used it on this site for his local news, the article has to do with something about Aloe Vera and it's role in health and the environment.

I wonder what it says....


Hans Husman said...

Fun that you blogged about it!

We acctualy got several visitors from your blog. Its a research summary of aloe vera.

We work with a quite serious but on the internet today very "stupid" approach to research news that we publish.

We start with some areas that we cover. After some time, depending on how research that are published, we end up with a bunch of research news.

If they pass say 5 - 10 in numbers we make a small theme page like for example this one about the brain that I made today:
Forskning om hjärnan och sjukdomar i hjärnan
Nothing really but the links to our research news.

Later it will be a lot of them like this one about cancer research:
Forskning om cancer och cancerbehandling
Reaching that point we usually make a summary on the page.

And we end up with something like for example this one about fish oil:
Omega-3 och fiskolja

I call it nymphomation after a book by jeef noon.

Best regards
Hans Husman

trazomfreak said...

Great! I figured it to be something of that sort. Thanks again!

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