Saturday, November 11, 2006

9 Looong Hours

I took a class this morning at the Whittier ROP which started 8am and lasted through til 5:30pm. We did have a 30 minute lunch break but it my lunch wasn't very relaxing as I needed to stand while I was eating. Today it felt like I was sitting on a seat for more than 9 hours.

I was taking a Notary Public class. It lasted til 3:30pm which I then had to study for to take the state exam at 4pm. After they took down our information and finally gave us the test, it was already 4:50pm. It took me approximately 30 minutes for 30 questions on this test. (It was to be a 50 minute time limit.)

I gotta tell ya, I felt tired. But how could I be tired from sitting all day? When I was younger, I remember my mom would ask me when I was just going to school and not working, "How can you be tired?" I should have been more specific. Sorry, "mentally" tired, I should have told her. See, when I'm in school, I choose to think and ask myself questions and interact and get involved with my education. I choose not to just sit there and be "spoon fed" and let my mind wonder to nothing and just let the teacher tell me what to think. I choose not to say that the class is "boring"...I mean, the teacher isn't there to entertain me right?

Of course, I'd tell her that sarcastically. She got the hint and I didn't complain to her after that because she made her point too. (Besides, I am young...I shouldn't be tired!)

But today was one of those days where you get up really early after a late night and you had to take in speedy course material AND take a test at the end. Whew!

Eh, it was worth it.
It will be 8-10 business days (from Monday) until I know if I had passed this state test. They tell me that a "good sign" is when I start receiving all this Notary junk mail.

Junk mail good? Ha, for once!

*Update: 12/06...I passed!

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