Monday, October 16, 2006

What Happens In Vegas...

...doesn't stay in Vegas because I'm posting pictures. Here are a few from last week as "The Yepiz Zone" had posted a while back.

You have to hit the buffet at least once.

My dad amongst the Star Trek Ships.
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3 of 7 thought it odd that my dad wanted to be assimilated by him. (He wasn't a threat of course, he has been severed from the collective.)

Alex and my cousin Daniel just outside the Venetian.

We got to see a Vegas show baby! We saw "The Scintas" (on the right) and we got to meet them after the show. My uncle Carlos got us in and took our picture. I'll never forget my first Vegas show. Thank you!

My dad getting a little too smiley with the Andorian female.

Alex, Daniel & my dad having some Romulan Ale at Quark's Bar.

Alex & I sharing toasting our 3rd year of marriage.

(Who was there? Alex & I. My parents. My generous uncle Carlos & aunt Hortencia, and my awesome cousing Daniel. My cousin was celebrating his 22nd birthday on the 8th. We also celebrated my parent's 31st anniversary as they were married on Oct 4th, just like us. But most of all we celebrated being with family.)


Keith (Qoheleth) said...

That Star Trek exhibit looks like the perfect place to get in touch with my inner Klingon...

... and yes, that's how I tested. I guess it explains a lot...

- Keith

trazomfreak said...

Klingon eh? I can see how you tested that way. There's nothing wrong with having a little 'blood wine' with your dinner sometimes.

I tested as a Vulcan. Go figure. I chose the answers that best fit my personality...I guess thatexplains alot.

It read: "You are VULCAN: You are controlled and logical. You don't show your emotions and are rigorously traditional. Though some find you irritating, you form close bonds with a select few."

Yeah, I know I do irritate people. And I have few close friends rather than many aquaintances.


"May you die it battle!"

The Yepiz Zone said...

This is what I got...

"You are HUMAN: Though you can be impulsive, your intellect and individuality win through in almost any situation. You may seem the underdog at times but you are not to be underestimated."

Pretty accurate. I love the course of this discussion. Keith, you have revived something in me and Amanda that has not been present since the end of the Voyager series.

Our inner trekkie!

I love that I can once again talk things "Star Trek" with a friend other than my lovely wife. You know what they say...

Trekkies are a lot smarter than humans.

LOL! and Captain Kirk is the best captain ever hands down!

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