Monday, July 31, 2006

Catching Up

I can't believe how I feel after last week. I have been getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night since then. (That's as little as I can take.) I usually require more and I have had to function on much less at times before. This last week wasn't even the most grueling I've ever had either. It's not like I have kids or anything!

I think I was born to sleep. I can't help it. I've tried to survive on less, but I can't function. I start making mistakes at work and become forgetful. My mom would tell me that she would have to wake me up to feed me, to then fall right to sleep while just feeding. I was a great baby apparently.

Anyway, I have been unusually drowsy. It doesn't help that I have loaded up on the caffeine to cope with it. At work, I find myself making at least 3 cups minimum. I've also increased my water intake. I'm not taking any medication or anything so it couldn't be that. Or the weather? Well, actually I do have a minor pre-existing condition...I've gotta look into that. Hmmm.

Unfortunately, I love to sleep. A few years ago, I battled depression. I used to sleep my days away. I did find such comfort in it because I could sleep and not deal with the day ahead of me. I'm glad I recovered. I've lost that time in my life that I could never get back.

In the end, I think I just have to just "catch up". No matter how much caffeine I take, it can't take the place of just good ol' plain sleep.

Dang! Why did I stay up so late writing this?!


Sonia:) said...

I know how you feel. I am a major sleeper too and now that I have a baby I can't ever catch up. They say it will be months until I do.

trazomfreak said...

Yeah, I heard about sleepless nights when you have a newborn. I would have a hard time with that if it were me. But I'm sure the joys out-weight the inconvenience. Wish you the best.=]

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