Friday, May 26, 2006

Not My Favorite


Do you know any words that you just plain don't like? (Or even HATE?)

I'm not talking about the meaning of the word or words, but the sound or look of it.

Here are 4 words that I really don't like:
1. Waterloo
2. Adirondack
3. Favre (As in Brett. Isn't it pronounced Fav-re dang it!)
4. Blob

(There is one more or two but I forgot them.)

This also makes sense if you knew that my lowest Love Language is 'words'. (The highest being 'Quality Time')

Unfortunately for some, I am terrible with my words. Reading books are fine and writing a paper will take me some time. I won spelling bees in elementary school and was placed in the 'higher' reading table apart from the other kids. Poetry isn't my forte and cranking out lyrics to a song isn't either. As a result, I feel my communication skills or interpersonal relationship skills are lacking. For me, my mind is running faster than my mouth can say so I end up just mumbling words that don't connect. (And I get that familiar quizzical look from people!)

But fortunately, I usually mean what I say because I have placed a lot of thought (and heart) into them. So my words are few. And usually by the time I've decided what to say or have my thoughts together....somebody will either have said them already OR the subject has changed OR 9 times out of 10 I get 'cut off'.

I guess I'm more of a "thinker".


The Yepiz Zone said...

I would say I don't like about every other word in history books. I really like words but when one has to check their dictionary every other word it becomes difficult to read the context of the book.

I guess I need to read more "Complete idiots guide to" books. Man, our education system needs serious reform.

trazomfreak said...

I do have an appreciation for 'words'. I love to read. And I can spell.

It bugs me that I see a lot of the youth today who continue to mis-----spell their words!

I firmly believe that my 'appreciation' comes from my dad reading to us every night and taking us on trips to the Montebello library.

Nothing could replace that!

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