Saturday, April 08, 2006

Boxy Week

No, this isn't the storage facility at my's the actual office!

I work at a Service of Process business where they also specialize in document archival, document preparation and 'backing up' records. Our clients are lawyers offices who'd like their boxes and boxes of records recopied (why?), duplicated (opposing counsels), or placed on a CD (ahhh!).

Quick overview....Mostly what I do is the organizing and assembling of the records. After our guy goes out and copies your medical records via subpoena or an authorization that we've served the week before, they are placed in our 'server' where I get my hands on them. I will then print up the records and assemble them via acco fastener. Or if our clients prefer, I will place their records on a regular data disk CD. (I wish all our clients requested that format!)

Well on top of our usual duties, we've had to tackle an 18 box "copy job" where we were allowed to "borrow" the records from a attorney's office for us to duplicate at our office. (When we go on a "copy job" our field reps go out to the hospitals, or businesses equipped with their scanner.) Sometimes our clients want 2 sets of these records. Wow! That's a lot of paper!

Last Tuesday, there were a lot of people in the office that day....along with all those boxes. Some from that particular 18 box job AND from other clients. I almost tripped a few times. (Clumsy me!)

Personally, I'm so glad for the surge in our business. It was a little overwhelming though, trying to juggle school and extra hours/days at work. And for the last two weeks I've even been there on the weekend. Right now, were tackling another big job...with a lot of folders and fasteners and legal sized and staples. (I hate the staples!)

But...I like what I do and that's what counts.

Now if I can only get in some more sleep...I'll be ready for next week!


marlyse Comte said...

Just out of curiosity, how did you find the link cd discs you show above in your posting? I'm not aware that I myself am using this image anywhere on my site... thus I'm curious.

trazomfreak said...

Well, sometimes all I do type in the word in yahoo images. I usually get my images from there.

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