Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Road Rage

Of course, the first day of school...parking madness, long bookstore lines, crowded classrooms and short tempers. And what's even better?

CalTrans working on the very street that the students use to reach the campus!

Why didn't they do that yesterday...oh yeah, "President's Day". Well, what about last week! Did that pothole just happen to appear? On the first day of school? I'll let Alex tell you what he said to them when we drove past them.

Hey, at least we didn't catch them sitting around this time. We actually found them working. I wish I had my camera with me.

I hope they embedded the street with gold or something. At least I would've had something pretty to look at!


The Yepiz Zone said...

I told them..."very wise of you to do this TODAY of all days." morons!

Tiff said...


pableezy said...

I always wonder about that. very poor planning.

i have heard stories here at work on one department re-paving a road that they did work on while another department is planning a reqork of the same street the next month.

explain that to the taxpayers...

Sonia:) said...

it does seem to happen a lot...but maybe that is our perception because it makes us frustrated. I have encountered this more since moving to Alhambra!

trazomfreak said...

NoBODY should have to suffer that kind of frustration! VERY poor planning. Either "What's your hurry?" or "What's the delay?" DANG!

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