Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Good Thing

An older married couple recently asked both Alex & I a question, "Was the first year the hardest?". We looked at each other and Alex says, "Its still hard". I agreed. Even though I've dated Alex for almost 9 years, since high school, I'm still learning things about him. We've had to climb some big hills and fell down some steep valleys and especially one huge mountain. I've gotta say though, if it wasn't for God almighty, I think things would have been much harder. And help from our wonderful family at Gateway.

But I knew Alex was the "one", even waaay back then. I don't know how I knew but I did. Even if he didn't see it at the time, I saw it all. Well, apparently, not everything. And even though it has been just two years today being married, I am still looking forward to what years lie ahead. And I'm glad not to be doing it alone.

Two good years. And two rough years. Marriage is much different than dating, it's better than dating, and you don't have to rough things out alone. But when the going gets tough, its hard not to be selfish about it...you've got another person, the other half of you to worry about. To me, thats a good thing.

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